First Impressions Count

First Impressions Count!

I guess you’ve heard this a thousand times, probabley from an early age. Thats because it’s true. No more so in a business environment. Below are some good pointers.

Find the key people in the business.

Stakeholders are anybody who has anything to do with your business. This could be customers, suppliers, staff, media, governing organisations, accountants, trade associations and forums.

It is important to know who your stakeholders are and what they expect from you as the seller, employer or buyer. Stakeholders will have to be taken into account when any decision is made within your business and think about how these decisions will affect them.

When you are looking for suppliers, are you getting the best value for money?

When you are looking for customers, are you giving the best value for money?

What are your duties and responsibilities to all of your stakeholders?

You may want to write a checklist of all the professionals you want to speak with.

Your 60 second impression

When you start to communicate with your stakeholders, they will make a very quick impression of you within the first 60 seconds. When businesses network they build relationships with one another and therefore creating a good impression is the most important part of the relationship process. You need to be able to tell people who you are and what you do in a professional manner whilst making them wanting to find out more.

        Give your 1st name and 1st name again and then your surname

        Tell them where you are from ( what your company is called )

        Tell them how your product / service can benefit them by not telling them what it is

        Tell them what you are offering (any promotions)

        Ask them for a referral ( be specific, if you need a foot into BT for example say )

        Tell them how to get in touch

        Give your 1st name and 1st name again and then your surname

Telling people how your product / service can benefit them without saying what it is will leave a “hook” or “inquisitiveness” with people so they will want to find out more.

It is good to jot down your 60 second and revise it often. Practice, practice, practice. You will be using it in many places and with people.