Pimp My Facebook Page

FB nowWe have recently been given a referral from one of our satisfied clients. Duo hair Salon in Retford is a small business that needed to use the Internet to market their services. We advised that their Facebook page would be a good starting point due to the social nature of their client base. So we “PIMPED HER FACEBOOK UP”

FB beforeWe not only redesigned Duo’s Facebook Page to mirror their website image but also integrated an iphone app and linked to their website too. We like to think that by encouraging and rewarding customers that they will spread the word on social media thus making your clients your subtle marketing team. Again, as a loyal customer, Lyndsay was given access to our members area where she can learn more about social media at her leisure via video training and downloadable ebooks. I guess you can see the vast improvement from the old facebook page to the new branded and functional page. We wish her well in the future.