Mobile Treatment

Dear Local business Owner.

Did you know…
1 in 4 mobile internet users abandon a regular web page that takes more than 4 seconds to load.

It seems like everyone has a mobile phone nowadays and every day more and more people are using them to search, shop and socialize on the internet. In fact by as early as this year, more people will access themobile treatment internet on phones than on pc’s. This is an incredible statement of where our culture is headed. The time is now to capitalize on this phenomenon.

50% of mobile users abandon a page if it doesn’t load in 10 seconds…
…And 3 out of 5 won’t even return to that site

We can see that you’ve got a nice website but have you seen it on a phone? If not, check it out HERE.

And here’s how it could look…


There are some fundamental differences with the behaviour of internet users who use the ‘desktop’ internet and those who use their phones. The first and most important is that while desktop users are quite happy to browse for information, mobile web users actively search for information.
The thing is mobile users don’t want to scroll all over the place looking for your information, they want your important data RIGHT NOW, they want to be able to find you RIGHT NOW and most importantly they want to be able to call you RIGHT NOW.
Furthermore, any design thoughts you put into your website are completely lost on a phone unless it is specifically optimized for the mobile internet.

Just imagine being able to...

  • Attract more business.
  • Keep visitors on your site.
  • Let you customers call you with the click of a button.
  • Share your site in innovative ways.
  • Allow seamless connection to social media.

…And that’s just for starters!

A mobile website will help increase your business… Guaranteed!

Its a big claim I know, but it’s also a proven one. There is no doubt – people are searching and using the mobile internet right now, maybe even looking at your site but if yours just isn’t up to scratch they’ll move on to a site that is. It’s vitally important to provide your customers with an easy and positive experience that will make them want to do business with YOU.

Start 2013 the right way and be a leader

Give us a call in the next 7 days for a very special introductory discount including your own discounted iphone app. How cool is that. We will show you how a professionally designed custom made mobile website can look & feel and most importantly, what it can do for your business success. We will also be happy to answer any questions you may have on this exciting technology.

Our custom made mobile website designs take advantage of all the benefits of a mobile phone. We can incorporate a ‘click to call’ button, maps, GPS, contact forms, all your social media links and much more. We will evaluate your existing site and can tailor our design if wanted to compliment your site for seamless branding. We can accomplish all this in a professional and timely manner for much less than you think. This will not affect your current desktop site, although it might be time to bring that upto date too!

And not only that, but:

  • We can show you other exciting ways to interact with your customers.
  • Share our extensive new media and marketing experience.
  • Suggest ideas on how to ramp it up further, we specialize in the Local Business market.

Our guarantee to you:

Test drive your new mobile website for 30 days,

if you’re not satisfied that it can add value and convenience to your business we will gladly refund you.

Talk to us today to arrange a convenient meeting and let us
help you go mobile.

Call today on 07891609954

Ps. Last year over 85 percent of new handsets were able to access the mobile web. Today in the US and Europe, 90 percent of mobile users have an Internet ready phone.