Social Media Treatment

Generate great word of mouth with a lively presence on Facebook & Twitter

Whether your in Ashburn or anywhere else, anyone in business must now be marketing on Facebook and Twitter. This is THE online space for engaging with your customers and prospects in a way that is highly targeted and conversational. The word ‘conversational’ is key, because you are here to promote ‘conversations’ – through events, contests, promotions – that will create viral interest in your Social Media Treatmentbusiness and your brand. 

Interested prospects can quickly get a ‘feel’ for your brand just from checking out the ‘conversations’ and promotions they find on your Facebook page and Twitter feed – so you want to look lively! The more interactive you are, the more people will warm to your brand, creating word of mouth.Find out what people are saying about you!



Facebook and Twitter is a useful space in which to gauge how prospects and customers are engaging with your brand. Even your Facebook and Twitter profile can now be indexed in search results, which can help with SEO for your business.

Go global with viral sharing

Imagine having an army of sales people promoting your business or service. This is the untapped potential of social media. If you give great value to your customer and reward your customers for sharing your content it’s a win-win situation. Ask us about some TOP SECRET strategies to add 100’s of likes or fans to your page in a matter of days. How much would that help your business? Call us.

Social media on autopilot.

We know you as the business owner have better things to do that spend hours finding content, up loading it, interacting with your fans. Well let us help. We can manage your page, giving you the time to do what you do best.

Massive potential for lead generation

When people ‘Like’ your Page, not only do you acquire a lead, you also tap into that lead’s profile, which can provide you with invaluable data that can be used to refine your marketing strategies and tactics and provide you with fresh ideas for new ‘conversations’.

Lazer Tagets leads

Imagine your ideal customer…got them in your mind..age, gender, income, location, interest. Now what if I told you you could send your ad direct to their facebook profile. Very power ful marketing if done right.

Build useful case studies through Facebook marketing

By providing you with the means to target more accurately potential customers you can use Facebook as a tool for building case studies that reflect your brand’s strengths and weaknesses in the market place.


Massively Increase Brand Awareness


Your presence on Facebook and Twitter can act as a portal point for driving traffic to your site and other online properties without additional advertising costs.

Mapping out social media campaigns requires the help of professional strategic thinkers, who understand what the competition is up to and where best to position your brand. The more coherent your Facebook and Twitter branding, the more word of mouth you will get.


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