What IS Facebook Graph Search?

Well, it’s a genuinely new way of searching using the fantastic inter-connectivity of Facebook, with its over one billion members and over one trillion connections.
(Incidentally, Graph simply describes the way that Facebook connects people and things – it doesn’t mean that you will What is facebook graph searchsee a visual representation of what you’re searching for.)
The new Facebook Graph Search will enable people to search for what other people do, think and like. For example, you could ask Facebook Graph Search to show you:
  • “Which Chinese restaurants in Ashburn friends of my friends like”
  • “The favorite movies of  friends  in UK”
  • “People living in Ashburn who are local business owners”
  • “The plumbers your friends like”
  • “Hire hire in Ashburn that CEO’s of IT companies like”
  • “Photographs of Lake Windermere taken by friends”
  • “People who play golf and live near me and are over forty five years old”
The results come from information on Facebook – information which isn’t public to search engines like Google. So it is going to be a fantastic source of information which will be presented in a totally new way.
The implications for businesses are crystal clear – Facebook is going to become an even more important place on which to focus your marketing efforts.
It’s astonishing how many businesses don’t yet have a Facebook page, in today’s world it’s almost as bad as not having a website.
If you don’t have a page, you can’t get liked, and if you don’t get liked, you aren’t going to be ranking in Facebook Graph Search.
The involvement of friends recommendations to friends is so powerful that it can hardly be overemphasized, especially when it comes to the marketing of intangibles.
When we want a good doctor, plumber, insurance broker, realtor, therapist, or any one of hundreds of service providers we almost always ask around our friends for recommendation.
Facebook Graph Search will give you access to the likes of many more people than just your immediate circle – although it can give you that as well of course.
Let’s say you wake in the middle of the night with a raging toothache. . .
You groggily go to your computer, Facebook Graph Search for “emergency dentists in my area that friends and friends of friends like” . . .and you will get an instant and valuable recommendation.
Now imagine that you are a dentist. With the new Facebook service, it’s absolutely vital that you have a Facebook presence and also that you encourage people to like you on Facebook.
It’s going to be just as important for people selling goods.
Imagine someone wants to know which phone their friends like best?
You’d better be sure your offering has a great, active Facebook page.
If, as seems likely, the Facebook global community is going to adopt this new and highly flexible search tool fast and hard, then you simply can’t afford to be left out in the cold. You should be working on building your Facebook presence right now.
Not having a Facebook presence is going to be even more than ever like not having a shop with or having no sign outside, no display window, and no doorway to enable customers to get inside to buy your wares.

To Your Success

Craig Page

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